Classes so far

Already two weeks into my last semester of senior year; I don’t know what it is but this year has flown by so much faster than any of my other years here at Plymouth. It’s kind of a helpless feeling in a way, I’ve worked so hard here to graduate in three years (despite the registrars office best effort to keep me here longer) but for some reason I keep looking back wondering if I rushed it. Can’t dwell on it too much though, I need to just finish strong and enjoy whatever time I have left here.

Every semester it takes me a week or two to acclimate to my classes’ structure, workload, and routine. This semester has surprisingly been easy to pick up. I always get good grades in my courses but I routinely dig myself into a hole early in the semester and it takes me a while to catch back up. Maybe I’m finally learning the drill….. Why did it take my last semester to finally “get it”? Funny how things like that always happen at the end.

So this semester I’m taking six classes, I was dreading it over break thinking I would have so much work which would prevent me from somewhat enjoying my last months here at Plymouth. But to my surprise it honestly hasn’t been too bad, the college gods are finally showing me some love, “Good looks guys”. Obviously I’m still worried I’ll get hit with a storm of work out of nowhere like the weather up here but that’s something I can’t control so I’m not gonna worry about it.

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