Student Loans :(

As I keep inching closer to graduation I’m starting to pay more attention to the amount I owe on my student loans; and it’s crazy the types of interest rates they hit you with, especially with private loans. Looking at what I owe, combined with the potential of going to graduate school either part-time or full-time is pretty daunting. At times I question if it was even worth it? Would I have been better off learning a trade or something else that didn’t require extensive schooling?

Fortunately I have an amazingly supportive family; my grandmother and aunts recently helped pay off some of my private loans that had the highest interest rates. I’m truly grateful for their help, it’s scary to think where I would be without their support. With the cost of college continuing to rise it makes me wonder what other students’ debt will look like in the next five years.

Since I’m almost done with my undergraduate schooling its given me a lot of perspective that I feel younger students are lacking. First off, graduate as quickly as you can!!! School is so expensive the last thing you want to do is add another year or semester to your tab. It may be tough to graduate on time or even early but it is well worth it in the long run. It’s going to save you hundreds of dollars each month over the next 10-20 years of your professional life.

In short…. Ball out and get through school quickly. Trust me, when you look at the amount of debt you owe it’s going to open your eyes!

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