Job Market

As the end of my undergraduate career comes to a close I’m starting to explore the potential job market more and more. This is obviously a huge next step and something I’m not taking lightly but it can feel overwhelming at times. What I ultimately want to do requires at least a Masters Degree so I need to “settle” on a career for the next three years while I continue my education.

It’s somewhat disheartening to look for jobs I don’t really have a keen interest in. One of my biggest fears was getting stuck at a job I hated. While getting an undergraduate degree opens a substantial amount of doors for me, it still leaves me short at my ultimate goal. It’s also scary to comprehend the idea of working a full-time job then going to Graduate School on top of it. Are there enough hours in the day for me to accomplish all I need to get done?

Maybe I’m just overthinking everything and psyching myself out, I know I should think as rationally as I can but it’s still difficult to keep my emotions out of it. Then again maybe I’m underestimating myself and the notion of working full-time and going to school. It’s possible I find a great job out of undergrad that I really enjoy and offers a flexible work schedule and any potential graduate courses are more manageable than I expect.

I should probably look at these jobs as an opportunity instead of a layover, and stay positive about the whole process.


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