Last Classes

It’s crazy to think I’ll be picking my last two classes this week and then i’ll be finished with my degree. I have to either take sociology or ethics & the law to satisfy one of my gen ed requirements, then any other elective. I’m hoping I’ll still have the motivation to power through these two courses over the summer, I know the nice weather and the fact that these are my last classes may influence how much effort I put into them. I just have to man up and power through it.

The only thing I’m not looking forward to with these classes is having to write a check for about $3,000 dollars lol, I can’t help but feel Plymouth is just blatantly overcharging students for online classes. In the scheme of things it was still cheaper in the long run to take these courses over break compared to the cost of another semester, but it still sucks that it cost so much money.

All and all it’s just crazy to think this is the last registration period I’ll have here at Plymouth, these three years have both dragged on and flown by at the same time. Adios $3,000 (there’s a million better ways I’d rather have spent you on).


Spring Break

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to finally be on spring break! This semester has gone by pretty quickly but it has been a ton of work, and for the first time in my three years here at Plymouth I don’t have any work I need to get done over the break.

I can’t even remember the last time I had a straight week off where I didn’t either have school or other types of work to worry about. My last break over the winter wasn’t really a break at all; I had about six days off then I had three classes online which completely took over the remaining part of my break. The way I look at it this is my first real break since the start of September. I’m going to cherish this break fully, especially with this nice weather lol.

I’m not even upset I’m not going somewhere tropical for spring break, I’m perfectly content with just lounging at my house with my dog for the week. I’ll hopefully see some of my friends from home a few times, felt like I haven’t seen those guys in forever. I might check out the NCAA tournament in Providence since it’s only a twenty minute drive from my house, hopefully Michigan will make the field. Besides that I’m going to sleep in and just enjoy being lazy for the week, before being flung back into the homestretch of my senior year.


Sitting and playing the waiting game is the absolute worse.

It’s already past the six week mark this semester and while most students are looking forward to their upcoming summer break I’m trying to figure out what exactly I’m going to do next. I recently applied to a number of Graduate Schools and ideally would have liked to hear back from them by now. However, the Registrar’s Office here at Plymouth mailed all my transcripts to the undergraduate admissions offices instead of the graduate offices that I wrote down. As a result all my applications were delayed and I lost out on valuable time.

I wish I could get Bill Belichick to visit the Registrar’s Office and remind them to “Do your job”belichick-confused.

It’s just brutal having this cloud of¬†uncertainty hang over me like this not knowing where exactly I’ll be in a few months. I’ve tried my best to focus on my classes and distract my mind as best as I can, but that only goes so far. I feel like Aron Rolston in “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” (except my situation is like way way way more daunting and perilous).

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