Sitting and playing the waiting game is the absolute worse.

It’s already past the six week mark this semester and while most students are looking forward to their upcoming summer break I’m trying to figure out what exactly I’m going to do next. I recently applied to a number of Graduate Schools and ideally would have liked to hear back from them by now. However, the Registrar’s Office here at Plymouth mailed all my transcripts to the undergraduate admissions offices instead of the graduate offices that I wrote down. As a result all my applications were delayed and I lost out on valuable time.

I wish I could get Bill Belichick to visit the Registrar’s Office and remind them to “Do your job”belichick-confused.

It’s just brutal having this cloud of¬†uncertainty hang over me like this not knowing where exactly I’ll be in a few months. I’ve tried my best to focus on my classes and distract my mind as best as I can, but that only goes so far. I feel like Aron Rolston in “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” (except my situation is like way way way more daunting and perilous).

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