Paying Off My Student Loans

Since I’m in the homestretch of my undergraduate degree I’m starting to come to the realization about my future student loan payments. Over the past few years I have paid off a few of my student loans, but I still have a solid amount left on my tab. It’s crazy to see how much college cost me these past three years.

I’ll have a few months after I graduate until my student loan payments kick in, but I want to have a plan laid out with exactly how much I’ll have to pay monthly. Looking over my financial aid statements the amount is pretty daunting but it’s something I’ll just need to be proactive about going forward. I’ll basically have to be very conscientious about my spending which is obiously a lot easier said than done.

The overall cost of a college education here in American honestly just makes me really frustrated, other countries offer far more afordable college for their citizens but sadly that’s not something that American seems to be interested in. I think moving forward there really needs to be an honest and open discussion about reforming college tuition and fees to make it more afordable. Plymouth State cost be a decent amount of money being from Massachusetts, but I can’t even imagine what my student loans would look like if I went to a private school.


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