Graduation Trip

One of the things I’m most excited about graduating from Plymouth State is my graduation trip in June, I’m going to travel to Munich for nine days during the Euro Cup. This is one vacation I’m really excited for, I’ve never visited Europe before so it’s going to be a new experience.

The thing I’m most excited for about visiting Munich is getting to experience all of the great beer gardens in the city. I love really good craft beer and the German Helles Lager is by far my favorite kind. It’s going to be awesome to have beers like Augustiner and Paulaner on tap…. in a liter glass.. awesome. I even set up a private tour of the Weihenstephaner brewery in Bavaria. It’s the oldest operating brewery in the world and they make one of the best hefeweizen styles I’ve ever had, I usually have a keg of it on tap in my apartment but I’m sure it’s going to taste that much better at the brewery. It’ll also be cool to check out some of the castles in the region, some of them are absolutely mind-blowing.

As the last month of school drags on this trip is something that’s helped keep me motivated and on top of everything.



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