Paper Coma

You know it’s the end of the semester when you get hit with an absolute swarm of papers without warning all at once. The majority of the semester has been pretty manageable, all my classes have had their work spread out so I haven’t gotten hit with too many things all at once.

But within the course of three days a monsoon has swept over my final senior semester. First, I get assigned a ten page paper in one of my classes, which didn’t seem too bad at first seeing as its due during finals week and I can chip away at it until then. Then I check the syllabus and we have to turn in a rough draft next week. So I’m thinking “damn alright I still got this, just have to be proactive.” Then two more final papers appear at my feet, and a third paper just for good measure. There’s only one explanation for this phenomenon, professors at Plymouth are part of some satanic cult that feeds of the misery and suffering of student. That’s gotta be it right?

So as the nice weather approaches and spring finally arrives I’ll be staring at my computer screen trying wondering where it all went wrong.

9c0uxa4Image Source


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