Grad Party

One of the perks about graduating in an few weeks is having a graduation party with all my friends from back home. I haven’t spent too much time back in North Attleboro this past year so it’ll be awesome to see all of my friends and family. I’m gonna have to get in the zone and focus if I’m going to dominate all these drinking games. I’ll definitely have to make sure we have beer pong and Kubb (if you don’t know what Kubb is check it out, it’s awesome).

More importantly it’ll be awesome to have some great food, my family always comes through with amazing food at these types of parties. They always prepare way too much food and then force my friends to stuff their face… they don’t complain. Last thing I have to figure out is which kind of keg I’m gonna pick for this party. I’ve been on a big German beer kick lately so maybe I’ll get a half barrel of some helles lager, or maybe I’ll get something more summery. Either way this is a major life decision that could alter the course of my life moving forward… no pressure



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