It’s Here

Wow, so what exactly just happened?

Can’t believe my time here at Plymouth is finally at its end. It’s crazy to look back and realize how fast the past three years have flown by. It’s a surreal feeling to know I just have a few finals and then I’m done here forever. The past few years here have been a lot of fun and stressful at times, I remember when I first started here thinking “It’s going to take me forever to graduate.” Of course that wasn’t true and the time actually went by so much faster than I could have anticipated.

Closing out my time here I have mixed emotions; I’m excited and proud I was able to graduate from college (I originally dropped out), but I’m also nervous/overwhelmed about what the future holds. You get so use to the college routine of organizing your week around classes and studying, then to all of a sudden shift gears into a more professional world is going to be an adjustment. I’m sure virtually all graduates feel this way at first, and I’m sure I’ll figure it out sooner rather than later. But that still doesn’t make it any less stressful.

I’m grateful for all my friends and professors I’ve had here at Plymouth, and this process has improved me as a person


Grad Party

One of the perks about graduating in an few weeks is having a graduation party with all my friends from back home. I haven’t spent too much time back in North Attleboro this past year so it’ll be awesome to see all of my friends and family. I’m gonna have to get in the zone and focus if I’m going to dominate all these drinking games. I’ll definitely have to make sure we have beer pong and Kubb (if you don’t know what Kubb is check it out, it’s awesome).

More importantly it’ll be awesome to have some great food, my family always comes through with amazing food at these types of parties. They always prepare way too much food and then force my friends to stuff their face… they don’t complain. Last thing I have to figure out is which kind of keg I’m gonna pick for this party. I’ve been on a big German beer kick lately so maybe I’ll get a half barrel of some helles lager, or maybe I’ll get something more summery. Either way this is a major life decision that could alter the course of my life moving forward… no pressure


Spring Cleaning

Looked at my calendar this week and realized I only have about three weeks left on my lease to my apartment which is crazy to think about. I’m kind of excited to move back home but I know once I’m there I’ll miss living up here at Plymouth. The one thing I’m not looking forward to though is the cleaning spree I’ll need to do before I move out.

Living up here at school cleaning isn’t something I think about on a day to day basis, I’m not a slob and my apartment isn’t in awful shape but I know I have a lot of work to do before I can move out. I usually will have my girlfriend come up a few days before I move out and she’d help me clean (by help me I mean she would clean while I did homework or something). It was a pretty sweet gig but unfortunately this year she can’t take anytime off work so I’m on my own. I can think of a million things I’d rather do than clean my apartment, but I know I’ll eventually have to do it. Now the smart thing would be to chip away at it week by week so by the time finals week rolls around I’d be in really good shape… But I am not a smart man, I know I’ll procrastinate and wake up the day of my move and become a cleaning tornado. Damn, I didn’t even think about all the packing I’ll have to do too.

Paper Coma

You know it’s the end of the semester when you get hit with an absolute swarm of papers without warning all at once. The majority of the semester has been pretty manageable, all my classes have had their work spread out so I haven’t gotten hit with too many things all at once.

But within the course of three days a monsoon has swept over my final senior semester. First, I get assigned a ten page paper in one of my classes, which didn’t seem too bad at first seeing as its due during finals week and I can chip away at it until then. Then I check the syllabus and we have to turn in a rough draft next week. So I’m thinking “damn alright I still got this, just have to be proactive.” Then two more final papers appear at my feet, and a third paper just for good measure. There’s only one explanation for this phenomenon, professors at Plymouth are part of some satanic cult that feeds of the misery and suffering of student. That’s gotta be it right?

So as the nice weather approaches and spring finally arrives I’ll be staring at my computer screen trying wondering where it all went wrong.

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Graduation Trip

One of the things I’m most excited about graduating from Plymouth State is my graduation trip in June, I’m going to travel to Munich for nine days during the Euro Cup. This is one vacation I’m really excited for, I’ve never visited Europe before so it’s going to be a new experience.

The thing I’m most excited for about visiting Munich is getting to experience all of the great beer gardens in the city. I love really good craft beer and the German Helles Lager is by far my favorite kind. It’s going to be awesome to have beers like Augustiner and Paulaner on tap…. in a liter glass.. awesome. I even set up a private tour of the Weihenstephaner brewery in Bavaria. It’s the oldest operating brewery in the world and they make one of the best hefeweizen styles I’ve ever had, I usually have a keg of it on tap in my apartment but I’m sure it’s going to taste that much better at the brewery. It’ll also be cool to check out some of the castles in the region, some of them are absolutely mind-blowing.

As the last month of school drags on this trip is something that’s helped keep me motivated and on top of everything.


Paying Off My Student Loans

Since I’m in the homestretch of my undergraduate degree I’m starting to come to the realization about my future student loan payments. Over the past few years I have paid off a few of my student loans, but I still have a solid amount left on my tab. It’s crazy to see how much college cost me these past three years.

I’ll have a few months after I graduate until my student loan payments kick in, but I want to have a plan laid out with exactly how much I’ll have to pay monthly. Looking over my financial aid statements the amount is pretty daunting but it’s something I’ll just need to be proactive about going forward. I’ll basically have to be very conscientious about my spending which is obiously a lot easier said than done.

The overall cost of a college education here in American honestly just makes me really frustrated, other countries offer far more afordable college for their citizens but sadly that’s not something that American seems to be interested in. I think moving forward there really needs to be an honest and open discussion about reforming college tuition and fees to make it more afordable. Plymouth State cost be a decent amount of money being from Massachusetts, but I can’t even imagine what my student loans would look like if I went to a private school.

Last Classes

It’s crazy to think I’ll be picking my last two classes this week and then i’ll be finished with my degree. I have to either take sociology or ethics & the law to satisfy one of my gen ed requirements, then any other elective. I’m hoping I’ll still have the motivation to power through these two courses over the summer, I know the nice weather and the fact that these are my last classes may influence how much effort I put into them. I just have to man up and power through it.

The only thing I’m not looking forward to with these classes is having to write a check for about $3,000 dollars lol, I can’t help but feel Plymouth is just blatantly overcharging students for online classes. In the scheme of things it was still cheaper in the long run to take these courses over break compared to the cost of another semester, but it still sucks that it cost so much money.

All and all it’s just crazy to think this is the last registration period I’ll have here at Plymouth, these three years have both dragged on and flown by at the same time. Adios $3,000 (there’s a million better ways I’d rather have spent you on).

Spring Break

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to finally be on spring break! This semester has gone by pretty quickly but it has been a ton of work, and for the first time in my three years here at Plymouth I don’t have any work I need to get done over the break.

I can’t even remember the last time I had a straight week off where I didn’t either have school or other types of work to worry about. My last break over the winter wasn’t really a break at all; I had about six days off then I had three classes online which completely took over the remaining part of my break. The way I look at it this is my first real break since the start of September. I’m going to cherish this break fully, especially with this nice weather lol.

I’m not even upset I’m not going somewhere tropical for spring break, I’m perfectly content with just lounging at my house with my dog for the week. I’ll hopefully see some of my friends from home a few times, felt like I haven’t seen those guys in forever. I might check out the NCAA tournament in Providence since it’s only a twenty minute drive from my house, hopefully Michigan will make the field. Besides that I’m going to sleep in and just enjoy being lazy for the week, before being flung back into the homestretch of my senior year.


Sitting and playing the waiting game is the absolute worse.

It’s already past the six week mark this semester and while most students are looking forward to their upcoming summer break I’m trying to figure out what exactly I’m going to do next. I recently applied to a number of Graduate Schools and ideally would have liked to hear back from them by now. However, the Registrar’s Office here at Plymouth mailed all my transcripts to the undergraduate admissions offices instead of the graduate offices that I wrote down. As a result all my applications were delayed and I lost out on valuable time.

I wish I could get Bill Belichick to visit the Registrar’s Office and remind them to “Do your job”belichick-confused.

It’s just brutal having this cloud of uncertainty hang over me like this not knowing where exactly I’ll be in a few months. I’ve tried my best to focus on my classes and distract my mind as best as I can, but that only goes so far. I feel like Aron Rolston in “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” (except my situation is like way way way more daunting and perilous).

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Love These Snow Days

As a senior here at Plymouth I realize I have to enjoy these snow days while I have them. It’s going to suck not having days off in the future due to weather and not have these random “personal” type days. Obviously I’m greedy and would have loved if Plymouth got hit with a major snowstorm that cancelled classes for a solid week, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be in the cards this year.

There’some sort of childhood nostalgia checking the weather and hoping you’ll get a text saying school has been cancelled, if the real world operated under this system we would all be happier people haha. But it doesn’t, so I’ll have to enjoy these brief moments that remind me of childhood for as long as I can.